The series “Magazines of Controversy” is an ongoing series creating magazine-like cover photos with the use of studio lighting, text, and subject matter that would be perceived as provocative. From bookstores, grocery markets, gas stations, doctors’ offices and various other locations, a magazine advertises what they believe will sell the current issue off the shelves. Selling gossip, fashion, health, political beliefs, cooking among other subjects; however, magazines rarely discuss critical issues that challenge individuals in everyday life. In this photo series, I choose controversial issues that are deeply rooted in today’s society and pair the photos with an unexpected magazine cover. For example, The American Conservative, a right-wing biased magazine, would mostly likely never cover the issue of the Florida Don’t Say Gay Bill. The choice of each magazine cover and the topic being discussed through the photo and text is intended to be satirical. Through the controversy of the world, these magazine covers are designed to give insight into rarely discussed topics, often hidden behind the realm of cover art. 
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